Stronger communities are important to create a more sustainable society. Within the framework of our business, we aim to increase the resilience and autonomy of the communities in which we operate, contributing to the elimination of poverty in all its different forms.
Sonae Activshare
Recognizing the impact that volunteering has on our people and the communities where we operate, in 2012 we created the Sonae Activshare program, whose main objective is to consolidate all Sonae's social responsibility, patronage and volunteering initiatives.
Preservation of biodiversity is fundamental for Sonae, as well as concern for the environment. That is why every year we promote reforestation initiatives, cleaning forests and beach, also donating native trees.

In 2019 we donated more than 20,600 trees, thus helping to conserve nature, essential for the harmonious functioning of our planet.

Community Support
Community Suport, in na integrates and sustained manner, is a legacy of the Sonae culture.

We act to bring our people and businesses closer to communities, where our resources are directed to initiatives that, in partnership with other organizations, contribute to help most disadvantaged communities.
In 2012 we created the Sonae Activshare internal volunteer program, through which we designed our actions as a way to bring our people and businesses closer to the communities where our resources are directed towards initiatives, which in partnership with other organizations, contribute to improving the most vulnerable communities.

In 2019, we had more than 1,200 volunteers enrolled in the Sonae Activshare Program, which meant about 7,000 hours of volunteering in the community.
It is in our culture and our DNA to bring the benefits of progress and innovation to an increasing number of people, which is the main reason why Sonae is the patron of cultural, educational and social initiatives, centered on the themes of the Arts, Knowledge and Biodiversity, with the ultimate aim of democratizing the access of the entire community to Culture.

Currently, Sonae is the patron of the Serralves Foundation, the Casa da Música, the National Museum of Contemporary Art and the Biodiversity Gallery.
Education & Inequalities
Within the scope of the existing partnership with the Municipality of Porto in the Porto de Futuro project, Sonae has been sponsoring the Cerco Group of Schools since 2007. We have as main objectives the improvement of the school reputation, the reduction of early school leaving and the promotion of entrepreneurship and citizenship initiatives, always working for students, the educational community and families.

In the academic year 2019/2020 we impacted more than 1,000 students since the 1st cycle of basic education, secondary education and students from the Multideficiency Unit. We supported around 300 teachers and 20 operational assistants, as well as families on the poverty border.