To promote a culture of learning and openness to change, leading our companies to become ecosystems of knowledge and innovation is a core ambition of our entire activity.

Innovation is vital to the mission and values of Sonae, as it helps us to overcome, creatively and efficiently, the challenges we face. We believe that by recognising distinctive and unique initiatives, we promote innovation as a catalyst for our success. As such, we have two important awards in place in this area: the Sonae Innovation Awards and the Chairman’s Award.

Chairman’s Award 

The Chairman’s Award distinguishes the best innovation projects developed, in an initiative promoted by the Sonae Companies Innovation Forum. The finalist projects are chosen among dozens of applications and translate the importance of innovation for Sonae Companies, which every year invests million euros in research, development and innovation (R&D+I). 

Sonae Companies Innovation Award

Sonae Companies invest in an open innovation strategy, engaging in-house audiences, but also business partners, universities, other players and companies from the most diversified activity sectors. As a result of this focus and the innovative initiatives implemented over the past year, new products, solutions and services have been developed, as well as new business processes and models, contributing to stronger trade dynamics and efficiency gains that make the Sonae Companies a benchmark business in their sectors. 
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