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1H18 results

23 August 2018
Thegrowth achieved in the 2nd quarter allowed Sonae to end the 1st halfof 2018 with a turnover increase of more than 6% over the same periodlast year, with positive contributions from all our business areas,particularly food retail which grew by 7.2%. The overallprofitability also improved, with EBITDA reaching €154 M, 11.1%above the 1st semester of 2017.

Itwas also possible to reduce the Group’s net debt by an additional€95 M while increasing investment levels and continuing to grow by5% the dividend paid to our shareholders.

Thequarter was, however, marked by the results reached in terms ofportfolio management, with relevant steps in the preparation of thepotential IPO of Sonae MC, with the partial sale of a stake inOutsystems (indirectly owned by Sonae IM) and particularly with theacquisition of an additional 20% stake of Sonae Sierra, an operationthat contributed to a more balanced portfolio and to reinforce thegroup’s international profile, which remains at the forefront ofSonae's strategic priorities.

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