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David Ferreira Alves

A day in your future

05 April 2018

On the 20thMarch, during the morning, I had the privilege of having Alexandra, a studentat Escola Aurélia de Sousa, in Porto, as my "Right Hand”. This initiative bySonae Activshare in partnership with Junior Achievement Portugal (JAP) had theparticipation of several of my colleagues at Sonae MC’s Executive Board andover 60 volunteers from the whole Sonae Group (from North to South).

The idea isto provide these 9th grade students with a special day: a glimpse ofthe daily life in the labour world. These young men and women join us throughour day and our professional duties, from meetings to presentations or tasks tobe performed. This is a great way to introduce Sonae’s world to students, aswell as our culture and work ethics, as they realise the various work areas andcareers that exist in a group such as ours. For our teams, it is an excellentexample of community support and active listening of young people, promotingthe values of Sonae MC.

Alexandrawas stunned at the diversity within Sonae MC and loved the experience. In herwords, the school gained a new perspective for the future and she acquiredextra energy to make her way to a labour world as rich as ours.

A specialmention for JAP, an important partner in several initiatives throughout thelast 11 years. Almost 20 thousand students involved in several initiatives and11 thousand voluntary hours made available by Sonae and more than 1200co-workers. One example is the programme "Economy for Success”, which I havebeen presenting to a 9th grade class at Escola EB 2/3 of Guifões. Itcomprises five sessions on self-knowledge, education options and lifestyle thatculminate in personal finance management. They are an audience that isknowledge thirsty and very participant, with whom it is a pleasure to shareknowledge and expertise.

In the end,I would like to ask everyone to give back to the communities we are a part of.Our knowledge, our lives and we, ourselves, can help others at personal orprofessional level. Sonae MC’s values also include this contribution from allof us. We have Missão Continente and Sonae Activshare to help us do it. All wehave to do is apply. I can tell you it’s worth it.


DavidFerreira Alves, Executive Board Member of SONAE MC

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