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Maria Antónia Cadilhe

Attracting and managing millennial talent at Sonae

12 December 2017

We believe our ability to capturetalent is directly related with the fact that we invest in knowing thedifferent age groups that form our collaborators' lifecycle. Becausemillennials are one of those segments, studies like Millennials@Work are an important contribution for usto know their interests and expectations, signal what distinguishes andapproaches them to other segments of collaborators and, with that information,renovate our human resource management standards. We are certain that it isthis dynamics that allows us to challenge, on a daily basis, the way we manageour talent, through the incorporation of changes that allow those who take thechallenge of joining our teams, experiences that answer their goals andexpectations.

The Contacto Programme is an exampleof this dynamics, and it has known, throughout its 31 years of existence, howto renew itself and answer the challenges placed by the different generationsof young talent. Direct access to Sonae leaders, focus on continuous growth,active participation in the process of choosing a business area, as well as thepossibility to combine personal and professional projects, have allowed thereinforcement of the programme's ability to attract, throughout the years.These innovations were gradually introduced as youths told us they wereimportant, and they told us because we asked them, as we wished to know whatthey value. We believe this proximity is essential and thus we make it happenearlier and earlier. So, we have been implementing a set of initiatives, aimedat students' different lifecycles, to promote a gradual, structured and earlierapproach between youths and the job market. Some examples are Sonae SummerExperiences (aimed at people attending high school, who have the opportunity togo through their vocational choice process in real work context), Call forSummer (Summer internships aimed at university students) and Call for Solutions(internships for masters' seniors).

Weare certain that an effective process that attracts and captures talent isdirectly related with our ability to act in a segmented way, undertakingstrategies customised according to the various targets we wish to attract. Nowand forever!

Maria Antónia Cadilhe
Head of Talent Management &Development at Sonae

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