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DIVE IN: Open call for summer internship programme

10 April 2019

SONAESPORTS & FASHION has just launched the second edition of DIVE IN, a summerinternship programme which will happen in brands like DEEPLY, ZIPPY and MO.Internships aim at providing higher education students from various areas (IT,Fashion Design, Psychology, Engineering or Management) with a first immersionin the world of retail. Applicants may choose the SUMMER CHALLENGE, in which wechallenge them to answer very specific needs in one of the business areas, orthe SUMMER EXPERIENCE, which allows them to follow several teams, since productconception to sales in different channels.

In 2018,after a previous sorting process, we had 30 applicants on our Assessment Dayand selected 16 DIVE IN Interns, 12 for SUMMER CHALLENGE and four for SUMMEREXPERIENCE. This year’s edition has 22 SUMMER CHALLENGES and 4 vacancies forSUMMER EXPERIENCE.

DIVE IN isthe result of an adaptation of a pre-existing corporate programme, consideringthe identity of SPORTS & FASHION and the expectations students have on a summerexperience in business context, making it a differentiated proposition.

Inpractical terms, DIVE IN is:

  • Flexible: applicants may choose boththe internship modality and the period in which it occurs, within a timeframe thatcoincides with Summer;
  • Informal: the dress code we suggestis "jeans and trainers” and we foster a great proximity with all the parties;
  • Fun: we wish the internship to bepart of the wonderful experience that is summertime, a complement to travelling,festivals and sunsets.

Theprogramme ends on the crest of a wave, literally, with a surf lesson sponsoredby Deeply.

In spite ofjust being the second edition, DIVE IN already is a fundamental piece in SPORTS& FASHION’s Employer Branding strategy, establishing itself as a firstmoment in a relationship we intend to be lasting with a wide pool of youngtalents. Applications are open until 15 April on



Rui Rocha
HR BusinessPartner @ Sonae Sports & Fashion


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