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Nuno Lopes Gama

“Retail Book of Innovation 2015” awarded

20 December 2016

The "Retail Book of Innovation 2015” won the "ExternalPublication” category of the European Excellence Awards 2016, an initiative thatawards the best communication and public relations projects across the world. Applicationsare analysed by a jury of 40 experts from all over the world, who evaluate theprojects’ innovation, implementation, strategy and impact, electing thefinalists and winner of each category.

This award is the recognition of the work ledby a wide team – of those who dreamt, developed and carried out the Innovationinitiatives which are the substance and reason for this publication, and ofthose who guaranteed its conception, development and production. Thisdistinction awards one of our preferred mechanisms to amplify our approach andthe results we obtain through Innovation, but it mostly honours everyone who madeway for the development of the 70 listed projects.

Innovation is a strategic cornerstone in Sonae andwe will continue to invest heavily – on a financial and human level – to makesure we keep on providing answers to the needs and preferences which will ariseacross the different business contexts and that Sonae continues to positionitself as a benchmark multinational company. Likewise, we will also continue torecognise the external and internal contributions to our results in theproduction of Innovation.

2016 ends the way itbegan: we kicked off the year with the Excellence Awards – Innovation in Retailby APED, where we won in every category we competed, and we close the year witha European recognition of the way we communicate and value the participation ofour internal teams and partners in the production of Innovation.

Upon the celebration ofthis achievement, we are already turning our attention to the next edition. Thegoal is for it to be, once more, appreciated internally and externally, an effectivemeans to position Sonae as an undeniable key player in the field of innovationin Retail and, thus, trigger collaborations that elevate us towards an evenhigher level of performance.


Nuno LopesGama
Head of Innovation and Future Tech

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