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Sonae discussed the future of chemicals policy

28 March 2017

Last 22March, Sonae was in Brussels for the "Future of chemicals policy” workshoporganized by EuroCommerce. This event gathered representatives of the EuropeanCommission, the European Chemicals Agency, retailers and wholesalers to discussthe challenges of ensuring legal compliance with the EU chemicals legislation.

DuarteRocha, Head of International Quality Control Department, shared the experienceof Sonae as an international retailer sourcing and selling a wide range ofproducts across most European countries. Working towards more safety for theconsumers and the environment is a major concern for Sonae and, since theadoption of the first EU chemicals legislation (ten years ago), the companyproactively built business solutions to ensure that products are properlyassessed, packaged and labelled before they are available in stores. Sonae isconstantly optimizing its communication with suppliers to share knowledge aboutcomposition and uses of products but is also engaging with consumers to answerto information requests.

Thisworkshop was a very useful opportunity to share best practices with otherretail companies and to discuss about the best way forward for chemicalsregulations with representatives of the EU institutions.

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