Young Talent Programmes

Contacto Programme

Contacto Programme is a 9-month experience which intends to enable trainees to develop their ambidextrous skills,
have access to the best leaders and increase their networks.​

During Contacto Programme, our trainees are placed in a functional area of one of Sonae’s companies, where their learning is fostered with the support of a Business Leader (the traineeship’s tutor). They are also challenged to develop a strategic project of added value to the group’s companies. It is expected that trainees are placed at the company at the end of the traineeship.

Master's Projects


Open-innovation challenges for students who are attending
the final year of their masters.

This curricular internship programme, in the scope of the masters’ dissertation / project, places students in one of Sonae’s businesses,
allowing them to contribute to the company with new ideas, innovative solutions and to provide answers for the challenges
suggested by the company’s teams.​

Summer Internships

For students enrolled in higher education interested in a short-term
professional experience and accelerated learning.
Students may apply to a specific team and challenge, in which they will develop a project with the support of a supervisor and the team, allowing for technical know-how to be applied and practical skills to be acquired. This contact with the job market is an opportunity to make future professional decisions easier.​