We live in challenging times, in which we are all called upon to contribute to Sustainable Development – a universal and transformative agenda, which aims to respond to diverse and complex questions, but also to the opportunities, which today’s world presents.

At Sonae, this challenge is not new, we are highly committed to a long-term vision, and the need and urgency to go beyond the economic value generated by our businesses .

As part of our quest towards improving our sustainability performance, we reviewed our governance model with the establishment of the Sustainability Advisory Group. The aims of this group are to foster the development and adoption of common policies and principles of action and establish clearly defined goals and targets in the priority areas identified : CO2 and Climate Change, Plastic, Nature and Biodiversity, Inequalities and Inclusive Development and Community Support.

Goals of the Sustainability Advisory Group:
  • Development of policies and goals common to the whole of the Sonae Group
  • Development of policies and the setting of targets for the different companies
  • Coordination of Sonae's presence in external forums
  • Dissemination of best practices and know-how
  • Creation of synergies
  • Promotion of sustainability
  • Performance monitoring and reporting