Our mission

Our growth ambition is not an end in itself. We want to grow to create long-term economic and social value to our clients.
Ombudsman Office
Sonae’s Ombudsman Office is, since 1997, the privileged communication channel between Sonae and its business units with Clients, Employees and Suppliers, welcoming all kinds of requests, namely: complaints, suggestions, compliments, information requests or calls for support and clarification.
It is our commitment to reply timely and efficiently to all requests, seeking to maintain healthy relationships between Sonae’s business units and all stakeholders.

It is not our intention to replace businesses’ own communication channels, but rather to act in an supplementary way. Business units are always the first point of contact when it comes to clarifying and solving requests.
Our activity came up as part of Sonae’s culture, based on Trust and Integrity which guide the company and our business units actions. Therefore, we can resume our mandate to the following pillars:

1) Independence and Impartiality: we analyse every request presented to us with independence and neutrality;

2) Equity: we are committed to considering all situations with equity;

3) Legality: we base our actions on the current and respective legal frameworks.
Our scope of action encompasses all countries where Sonae operates:
We reserve the right not to reply to situations that do not match our scope of action and mission. Furthermore, we do not interact with interlocutors who clearly reveal bad intentions, present inappropriate contents, or make anonymous accusations with insufficient grounds for the performance of our duty.
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